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Mark Keating

Shadowcat Systems Limited
Managing Director
Managing Director of Shadowcat Systems Limited a Perl consultancy in the North West of England.
A community contributor who has organised the London Perl Workshop on 10 occasions along with the FLOSSUK Spring conference, Barcamps, Dynamic Languages Conference and Quality Assurance Hackathon.
A member of the Perl Foundation and a Director of both FLOSSUK and the Enlightened Perl Organsiation.
Contributes to his local Lancaster community via Digital Lancaster, Independent Lancaster and the Ethical Small Traders Association.
A lover of communities and the social mix that is humanity. Blessed with melancholy, feels he is both a champion and a sceptic of the future.
Studies the cliche that is humanity as an amateur with a powerful microscope and a zoological guide to the mating habits of the hermaphroditic annelid.
A poet, writer, a lover of nonsense, surrealism and whimsy.
Identifies as a male, but otherwise refusing to be easily defined. He is an advocate of; change, equality, aspiration, opportunity and education. Married, parent, pet owner, omnivore, author, photographer, dreamer and child.

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